Jorn Corporation (Taiwan) was founded in July,1987 at Daya District in Taichung City. The primary products that we provide are Specialist Adhesive Tapes which include Stationery tapes, Reinforcing tapes and Double-coated tapes for Auto, Electronic, Sports equipment, Medical and Healthcare packaging industry. All of above are operated by a number of qualified expert technicians. “FORTUNE TAPE” is our trademark in global market.

Jorn Corporation is now a multinational corporation, and we offer a variety of products and services such as Adhesive Tapes, Color Printing, Shoe Logo, and Compound materials in many industries. We are aware that our success is also derived from the success of our customers. Therefore, we are constantly investing in equipments and developing the new products to offer a better level of service to our customers.
Apart from its operations in Taiwan, it also provides more services to more locations in various locations set up at home and abroad
Processing machine Jorn Corpoffers the most sophisticated and excellent product and quality service with fully automate dequipment .
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